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Learning ISO management system, construction of corporate cu

May 28. 29.30 days, our learning ISO held training courses, the major department heads, and leader of a small number of ordinary members of the company took part in the training and study of the project. The company has long insisted training of staff learning, and has held all kinds of skills, ideas, marketing study, to build values-oriented corporate culture.
Development and implementation of ISO management system is sustainable development and the survival of a company is a major key to this training and learning presented by Chen Qi teacher, to tell the system introduced ISO management style process model and the development of all aspects of the implementation of key points, so that we fully understand the importance of ISO's.
ISO management system is the most effective framework for the management of a company, can effectively regulate and combing each company depending on the nature, characteristics, development, staff, departmental functions and personal skills.
Passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, has a rich cultural heritage; since the introduction of ISO management system since, regardless of the company's development was the enthusiasm of employees, values, and so has been fully standardized and development, the company is now based, customer trust, outlook future strong support.
ISO's management system is divided into one, two, three, four a total of four bands, including quality management, human resource management, engineering change, innovation and research and development, production planning and control, production process control, job control business, management review procedures, internal audit procedures, order review procedures, customer complaints and returns processing procedures, corrective and preventive measures to control procedures, aspects of data analysis and correction procedures, customer satisfaction survey procedures.
The three-day training ISO management system will be for everyone to learn the system fully explain the whole process of this system, so that we more profound understanding of the profound significance of this system and better regulate the majority of employees in life, work behavior guidelines.
As the old saying goes: No rules no standards, if a company, a business system is loose, lazy, then the company's future is bleak, it is bound to decline toward extinction, state laws and family rules, the real people-oriented, real freedom is built on a sound management system, improve the ISO only in the management system in order to create value and achieve their goals, achieve the ideal, construct excellent enterprise culture.

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