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Industrial Water Paint

Interior wall paint diatom mud

Interior wall paint diatom mud

Interior water paint diatom mud products, using functional filler, complex emulsion German imports refined, unique anion-releasing factor, and efficient sustained release negative ions decompose formaldehyde. Unique technology formula, the use of high-quality diatomaceous earth amazing features, inhibiting long wall mold growth, can purify air and moisture to taste, easy to create livable environment.


Product Features
1, the unique anti-bacterial anti-mildew formula: to prevent mildew, lasting protection wall;
2, ultra-white formula, super hiding;
3, ease of construction, is the ideal choice for home decoration and engineering;
4, good water and alkali resistance;
5, the film is delicate and smooth, uniform color, good decoration.
Instructions for use
Construction tools: paint brush, roller, spray gun; recommend using wool brush, short hair roller, high pressure airless spray gun.
Theoretical consumption of paint: 10 square meters / kg / single pass (dry film thickness of 30 microns). Because of different roughness and the dilution ratio of the actual construction of the surface, consumption of paint are different.
Paint: Stir well before use, in order to achieve optimum brushing results, roller coating, brushing can be added when more than 20% water dilution (increase or decrease according to the construction feel, where appropriate). If using airless spray, you can add more than 10% of water dilution.
Substrate: remove by brushing the surface of dust, grease, mildew algae and other adhesive material, to keep the surface clean, dry and firm, the wall surface moisture content less than 10%, pH value of less than 10. Old wall application shovel knife old paint removed and treated with sandpaper.
Construction conditions: 5-35 ℃, humidity less than 85%, to prevent excessive drying summer construction, winter construction ban baking, construction dust weather closed windows.
Recoat time :( a dry film 30 microns, 25-30 ℃ meter) Surface dry: 30 minutes Hard dry: 60 minutes, recoating: 2 hours interval.
Cleaning: Coating midway pause and painting finished, please use the water to wash used utensils.
Recommendation: supporting the use of morning-almighty putty and paint partner Chen Yang Habitat Canada dedicated interior primer, can save the amount of paint, paint effect is a plus.
Storage and Validity: 5-35 ℃ cool dry environment in sealed storage, valid for 12 months.
Hazard statements / cause eye irritation and may cause allergic skin reaction.
Prevention / Avoid breathing dust, fumes, gases, fumes, vapors, spray. Use wear protective equipment, wash hands after handling and other contact parts. Avoid release to the environment.
Incident Response / case of contact with skin (hair), rinse with plenty of soap and water. Such as contaminated eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical assistance. If skin irritation or rash occurs, seek medical attention.
Safe storage / away from direct sunlight, store in a well ventilated place, keep the container tightly sealed. Store with acids, alkalis, strong oxidants, food and animal feed isolation.
Disposal regulations Disposal / disposal of paint waste should comply with national and local (See Before using the Product Safety Data Sheet).

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