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Technology center now has a research staff of nearly 200, in addition, also has the enterprise technology center, Guangdong Province waterborne coatings engineering technology research center, Guangdong Province enterprise technology center two research centers, and the establishment of Technical Committee as the central decision-making, supervision, consulting, and management machine structure. The center includes four major systems: innovation, innovation, innovation, innovation and innovation. Technical center of the existing building area of 2000 square meters, more than 1500 yuan investment, the company has a special testing center, has a full range of testing equipment to detect all kinds of equipment. Except can be independent testing viscosity, hardness, resistance to salt fog resistance etc. more than 20 items of water-based paint conventional indicators, testing the product in all kinds of harmful content of heavy metals (lead, cadmium, chromium, mercury, etc.) and organic compounds (benzene, aldehydes, etc.), such as index. The company also built a simulation laboratory.


R & D technology projects and declare patents

So far, Technology Center R & D technology projects are completed more than 30 items, undertake projects above the provincial and ministerial level 8, 4 municipal scientific research task, in which the & ldquo; new water energy-saving architectural paint project & rdquo; column for the Hebei Province is the focus of the revitalization of industry and technical transformation project.

The declaration of the patent "a wind blade putty and preparation method thereof", "a wind turbine blade using fluorocarbon paint and its preparation method", "a moistureproof mouldproof coating and a preparation method thereof", "a security door water-based acrylic amino topcoat and a preparation method thereof", "a burglar a waterborne amino alkyd primer and preparation method thereof", "a track engineering water dipping paint and preparation method thereof", "a negative ion release of waterborne epoxy floor paint and preparation method thereof", "a color transparent glass paint and its preparation method", "a kind of waterborne acrylic polyurethane paint and preparation method thereof", "a kind of waterborne epoxy zinc rich primer and preparation method thereof", "a kind of waterborne epoxy paste paint and preparation method of" 50.


Products for domestic and foreign capital, technology for the international advanced

Won the provincial scientific and technological achievements identification & ldquo; moistureproof and mouldproof coating & rdquo;, & ldquo; engineering track water leaching paint & rdquo;, & ldquo; sofa special water leaching paint & rdquo;, & ldquo; construction with reflective thermal insulating coatings & rdquo. & ldquo; indoor thin fire retardant coating for steel structure & rdquo. & ldquo; Waterborne Epoxy Floor Coatings & rdquo. & ldquo; inorganic building coating for external wall & rdquo. & ldquo; water in water multi colour coating & rdquo. & ldquo; waterborne polyether change alkyd resin & rdquo. & ldquo; wind power tower water anticorrosive coating research and Application & rdquo; 17, have reached the leading domestic level. “ water soluble alkyd resin, ” “ &rdquo &ldquo, moistureproof and anti mildew coatings;; indoor thin fire retardant coating for steel structure, ” “ &rdquo with reflective insulation coating construction; research results won the two prize of Baoding science and technology progress; “ aqueous metal protective paint, water ” “ of &rdquo, “ willow paint; waterborne epoxy anticorrosive coatings ” “ waterborne epoxy floor coatings, ” “ engineering water dipping &rdquo crawler; won the first prize of Guangzhou science and technology progress; “ aqueous metal protective paint ” won the three prize in Guangdong Province Science and technology progress, for the year 2012 national key new products; “ wind power tower waterborne anticorrosive coatings research and application of ” through the Chinese petroleum and chemical industry association expert group evaluation, product is the first at home and abroad, the international advanced technology.

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